Brivis add-on cooling

Brivis ICE Series

The Brivis ICE Series add-on air conditioner gives you total climate control in your home, year round. This series incorporates a Brivis air conditioning unit as well as a Brivis ducted gas heater to give you both heating and cooling through the same ducts.

It uses the fan from your Brivis ducted gas heater to deliver cool, filtered and refrigerated air to each room. And you can install your Brivis add-on cooling system when you install your heater or at a later time.*

By installing Brivis integrated climate equipment (ICE Series), both heating and cooling can operate via the Brivis Networker or Brivis Programmable wall control. And due to the Networker being completely programmable you have the ability to set and forget.

3 - Condenser Unit1 4 - Condenser Unit2
Condenser Unit Condenser Unit
2 - Ice Series Coil
Brivas ICE Series coil


System Requirements

A tempco dealer will need to assess your cooling needs. This will help you choose the unit that will fully integrate your cooling and heating. It will also provide you with a system that best suits your home, as well as your budget and lifestyle.

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Guaranteed to last

Brivis has been helping people choose climate systems for their homes for more than forty years and you can rely on us for total quality. Their extensive and ongoing investment in research and design means every model is the best possible design for Australian families and Australian conditions. Every Brivis ICE Series cooling system comes with a full five-year warranty on parts and labour.

Special features and Benefits

Brivis ICE Series air conditioning delivers highly efficient refrigerated cooling through the same system as your Brivis ducted gas heating. Which means you can have complete climate control all year with:

  • Controllable air circulation throughout the comfort zones of your home.
  • Filtered air, which helps to maintain a cleaner environment inside your home (air filters must be fitted).
  • Gas heating that provides constant warm air throughout even the coldest days and nights.
  • Refrigerative cooling that provides constant cool air, while also reducing humidity, during uncomfortably hot days and nights.
  • Single ductwork for an integrated heating and cooling system.


*When installing a refrigerated system to an existing heating system, care must be taken to ensure the ductwork system is correctly sized and designed.

 **Not compatible with ICE and Classic Heater Range.

Key Points

  • Adds onto Brivis heating.
  • Filtered, dehumidified, cool air.
  • Networker controls both heating and cooling.
  • Perfect Home Climate Control.

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Brivis add-on cooling controllers

You're in control

To give you maximum control over the way you cool and heat your house, there have two compact wall controllers to choose from. Available in manual and automatic models, each controller is easy to read, unobtrusive and technologically advanced, without being unnecessarily complicated to use.

The Brivis Networker*

2 - Unnamed


The Brivis Networker can operate in either auto or manual modes. In manual mode, you set your own temperature, then leave the rest to the Networker. It will maintain the temperature you have chosen, until you choose to turn it off.

In auto mode the Brivis Networker allows you to preset temperatures and times to turn the heater on and off. This means that you can wake up to a nice warm house.

The Networker is designed with an easy-to-use rotary dial, an easy-to-read LCD screen and is backlit using state of the art Electro-Luminescence (EL) technology, making the screen easier to read in poorly lit areas or at night.

When zoning, two Brivis Networkers can be used together to provide enhanced temperature control.**  During warmer weather the Networker can be used to operate a Brivis cooling system.

When in cooling mode, the Networker can be programmed to turn offafter you've gone to sleep giving you comfortable sleeping conditions.

*The Networker is not compatible with ICE and Classic Heater Range.

**The two Networkers must be version 3.


Brivis Programmable Controller

1 - Unnamed

The Brivis Programmable Controller can operate in either auto or manual modes. In auto mode you preset temperatures and times for the heating/cooling system to turn on and off. Alternatively the manual mode allows you to turn the heating/cooling system on or off as desired.

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