Brivis Classic Series

The Brivis Classic series of heaters are Australia's favourite gas ducted heaters. More Classic heaters have been sold in Australia than all other brands combined. Classic heaters come with energy ratings from 2.5 to 3 stars.

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Heaters for all homes

The Brivis Classic series includes heaters for all types of homes. The Two Piece Wombat range of heaters have a 3 star energy rating, which means lower running costs for you. And plenty of air for add-on cooling.

The Buffalo Series heaters are designed to be installed outside your home, in the backyard or courtyard.

Our Upflow and Downflow heaters are designed to be installed in a cupboard or under the stairs. Ideally suited for townhouses, units and the replacement market.


Guaranteed to last

The Classic series of heaters are designed and made in Australia to withstand our variable and often harsh climate.


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The most choices

The Classic series has several different options and models to choose from so that you can select the right heater for your needs.


The Classic series comes with a choice of three controllers - the Networker*, Programmable or Manual.  Some models also come with the option of extra air (XA) and LPG or natural gas.

*The Networker requires an interface 519 to be fitted.


Key Points

  • The most popular in Australia.
  • Heaters for all homes.
  • 2.5 and 3 star energy rating models to choose from.
  • Compatible with Brivis ICE add-on air conditioning.
  • Choice of thermostats.


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Brivis StarPro Series

The Brivis StarPro series comprises both the Brivis StarPro MAX (HX) High Efficiency range and Brivis StarPro PLUS (MX) Medium Efficiency Ducted Gas Heating range.

The StarPro MAX range includes models with up to 5.8 Star Rating (HX23), providing the highest level of comfort, for the least running cost.

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Brivis StarPro MAX (HX) External unit

The Brivis B-MAX provides a High Efficiency (5+ Star Rating) direct replacement of your older Brivis Buffalo 85 or Buffalo 120 external ducted gas heater. The Brivis StarPro B-MAX range employs all of the great features and benefits of the StarPro

3 - Unnamed


Brivis StarPro B-MAX (BH) External unit (shown without basebox)


The Brivis StarPro PLUS (MX) medium efficiency range employs all of the great features and benefits of the StarPro MAX range, but at a medium efficiency star rating. The StarPro PLUS (MX) series has an efficiency range from 4.2 stars all the way up to 4.4 stars.

5 - Unnamed


Brivis StarPro PLUS (MX) External unit


Brivis Advanced technology

The technologies used in the new StarPro PLUS series are a culmination of Brivis' 50 years of heating experience in Australia. The StarPro PLUS series features ensure that the heaters are more effective at heating your home, with the least amount of energy and expense. Every aspect of the StarPro PLUS series operation has been designed to make it more powerful, efficient, reliable, unobtrusive and healthy for you.

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MX/HX Internal unit


The StarPro PLUS series features a spark ignition system to ignite the heater. A flame safety sensor on the end of the burner sends a signal to confirm that there is ignition across the whole burner. The gas ramps up to maximum, to quickly heat up the heat exchanger, the circulation fan starts slowly and gently ramps to the optimum speed for heating the house. This ensures that the start up of the heater is extremely quiet, delivers heat in the quickest possible time and that you don't feel a cold draught when the fan starts.

The StarPro PLUS series has advanced Energy Management Systems. The first benefit of the Energy Management System is zoning, which effectively means you can divide your home into up to four separate heating areas. During the day, you can heat the living areas, and during the night, your bedrooms. If you want the whole house heated at the same time, you can heat all zones at once. The whole zoning process is automatically controlled by the Networker.

The second great energy advance is the exclusive Brivis Adaptive Zoning System, the ability of the StarPro PLUS to reduce its output by up to 80%. The heater detects how many outlets you are currently operating and reduces the energy and fan requirements automatically. This means that if you only want certain parts of your house heated, you're not wasting energy. Ask your dealer about these zoning options.

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Airflow through the HX/MX external


The StarPro PLUS units are designed to fit easily into the roof, under the floor or unobtrusively outside the house. The internal unit can be split for easier installation.

The most choices.

The StarPro PLUS series has several different options and models to choose from so that you can select the right heater for your needs. The StarPro PLUS heater can be controlled by our most advanced thermostat, the Brivis Networker, a Programmable Thermostat or a Manual Thermostat. You can even directly connect the heater to most Home Automation Systems. The StarPro PLUS has Extra Air (XA) models available to suit the Brivis ICE add-on refrigerative cooling system, giving you total climate control all year round.


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Brivis Heater Controllers

You're in control

To give you maximum control over the way you heat or cool your house, we have three compact wall controllers to choose from. Available in manual and automatic models, each controller is easy to read, unobtrusive and technologically advanced, without being unnecessarily complicated to use.


The Networker

2 - Unnamed

The Brivis Networker can operate in either auto or manual modes. In manual mode, you set your own temperature, then leave the rest to the Networker. It will maintain the temperature you have chosen, until you choose to turn it off.

In auto mode the Networker allows you to preset temperatures and times to turn the heater on and off. This means that you can wake up to a nice warm house in winter.

The Networker is designed with an easy-to-use rotary dial, an easy-to-read LCD screen and is backlit using state of the art Electro-Luminescence (EL) technology, making the screen easier to read in poorly lit areas or at night.

When zoning, two Networkers can be used together to provide enhanced temperature control.* During warmer weather the Networker can be used to operate a Brivis cooling system.

When in heating or cooling mode, the Networker can be programmed to turn off after you've gone to sleep giving you comfortable sleeping conditions.

* The two Networkers must be version 3. The Networker cannot be used with Brivis ICE system on Classic Heater Range.


Brivis Programmable Controller

3 - Unnamed

The Brivis Programmable Controller can operate in either auto or manual modes. In auto mode you preset temperatures and times for the heating/cooling system to turn on and off. Alternatively the manual mode allows you to turn the heating/cooling system on or off as desired. This Controller is suitable for Brivis ICE system with the Classic Heater Range.


Brivis Manual Controller

1 - Unnamed

The Brivis Manual Controller is a simple to use control where you set the temperature when you want heating. It is not applicable with Brivis ICE. 


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Brivis Contour

The lowest on your roof

The Brivis Contour Cooler is the least obtrusive evaporative cooler in Australia. Its sloping base offers the lowest profile on your roof, which is ideal if you don't want to alter the look of your home. The Brivis Contour is also available in the five most popular roofing colours in Australia. That is Terra Red, Charcoal, Beige, Rivergum and Chocolate

The most advanced technology

The Brivis Contour Cooler has unique features which make it far more effective at cooling your home than other coolers while requiring the least amount of water and maintenance. Every stage of the Brivis Contour's operation has been designed to make it reliable, discreet and healthy for you.

When you turn your cooler on inside the home, the Brivis Contour begins its Pre-Wet cycle. Clean, fresh water enters the cooler and begins soaking the cooling pads before the fan even starts, ensuring that you will be provided with cool fresh air immediately the fan starts.  It is packed with features to give you comfort and flexibility.

The shape of the Brivis Contour's base means it holds up to a third less water than other coolers, saving valuable water during the hot Australian summer months.

The SynchroDrive Pump sits in its own waterproof chamber, and is designed to be self cleaning by spinning in the opposite direction to clear blockages, if they occur.

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The SynchroDrive pump

The water is pumped into the unique Brivis Aqua-Duct. With large channels and drain holes, every pad is saturated, evenly and quickly. Once the pads are saturated, the fan turns on.


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The Aqua-Duct

The Brivis Contour has a variable speed fan which gives you a wide range of speeds and allows the cooler to run much slower than other coolers. This is great on a hot night when all you want is a gentle breeze to keep you cool so you can get to sleep.

Due to our policy of continuous improvement, product specifications and details are subject to change without notice. 

The air is pushed from the fan through the unique Brivis Contour ServoSeal and into the ductwork in your ceiling. The ServoSeal is the only motorised cooler seal on the market. The ServoSeal retains warmth in your house on cold days when it's closed, and when open, it manages the airflow reducing turbulence and noise.

3 - Unnamed

The ServoSeal

The Brivis Contour uses the Trident Water Sensor to manage water levels in the tank. When you turn your cooler off, the Brivis Contour automatically runs a Fresh Start operation. The tank is emptied and thoroughly flushed clean which means that there is no dirty water or sediment sitting in the cooler before it starts up again.

4 - Unnamed

The Trident

Guaranteed to last

The Brivis Contour Cooler is designed and made in Australia to withstand our variable and often harsh climate. The plastic housing is made of a tough UV-stabilised plastic to resist the sun's rays, and is designed for strength and durability. The Brivis Contour's high tech electronics are easy to access and are kept dry in a safe, waterproof casing for added longevity.

The most choices

The Brivis Contour has several different control options and colours to choose from so that you can select the right cooler for your needs.  The Brivis Contour has three controller options - the Networker, the Programmable or the Manual Controller.