What you need to know about solar?

Eliminate the biggest energy culprit

Did you know that a hot water heater alone, consumes a large proportion of domestic energy use and is one the biggest users of electricity? This makes it one of the most costly appliances to run in the home.

So why pay for this energy when you can have it free from the sun with an EcoSmart Solar Hot Water system.

The Federal Government is committed to helping Australian households switch to an environmental water heater, and is working with State and Territory Governments to phase out these energy guzzling water heaters after 2012. Generous government rebates are currently available towards the purchase of solar water heaters, but are subject to change at any time.

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Reduce your energy costs

Unlike electricity, the power of the sun is completely free so, when you switch to solar energy to heat your water, you naturally make a massive saving. Especially when you consider that electric hot water can account for a third of your home’s electricity costs.

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You won’t just save money on your power bills, you’ll also do your bit to save the planet. By heating your water using the power of the sun, your home could reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by a third. So you benefit today, and everyone benefits in the long run.

STCs. They’re like money in the bank.

The Clean Energy Regulator’s register of Solar Hot Water heaters lists EcoSmart’s Electric Boosted
systems as having one of the highest STCs when compared to similar systems - meaning more savings for you.

The graph below shows just how efficient EcoSmart products truly are.

Flags denote ultimate ownership only.

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More efficient collectors may be available as an additional option from all manufacturers, including EcoSmart.
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